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Entreeā€™s & Espionage - Escape Dinner Game

Escape Game (Not an escape room)

This is a full evening of food and fun!

Ticket prices: $50 each
Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 20-25%
Players per table: 6
Tickets available: 48 in total, 8 tables of 6 players

Location of event: Escapades Entertainment Center
(IBEW is the current name on the building)
3509 S Norton Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Date: Thursday, September 5th

Time: 6:15-8:45pm

This is a special escape event that will include dinner, drinks and a fun escape game competition! Your team will be seated around a table to play this game, and will be competing against 7 other teams! Jam packed with difficult puzzles this game is recommended for those who want an extreme challenge and a fun evening out with friends, so gather your best team and make your reservation!

The Story Line: You are part of a covert team working for the CIA. For 2 years your team has been tracking a terrorist group working out of Shanghai. The threat of an attack in this city is imminent. It is discovered that one of your team members has been acting as a double agent and has disappeared. Now you have been dispatched to Shanghai to find the spy, uncover the attack plans and stop it before time runs out. You must have a keen eye for details, and really play a detective to succeed at this game. 

The puzzle are very complex so this game is not best for younger children!

This will be a fun night of food, drinks and mystery!

6:15pm Arrival - Guests can arrive anytime between 6:15-6:45pm to get checked in and their table assignments. Also guests who want to enjoy a drink before the game begins will have time to do so.

6:45pm Espionage - The game begins at 6:45. Your table is a team and will be competing against all the other tables for a prize! You will have 50 mins to complete the escape game! 

7:45pm Dinner is served - There will be a full meal provided plus yummy desserts. During this time the winners will be announced and prizes given out! 

8:45pm the doors close - Thank you for playing and have a great night! 

Location for the event - IBEW Building AKA the new Escapades Entertainment Venue Located at 3509 S Norton Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57105 (1 block south of 41st & Norton)

What does your ticket include:

  1. Dinner & Dessert

  2. Escape Game

  3. Soda, Punch and Waters & 2 FREE Alcoholic Drinks per guest 21+ years in age

  4. Prizes for the winning table

To Book, you must select September 5th on the booking calendar and scroll to the 6:15pm time slot!

Any questions or for help booking please call us 605-777-9401

You really do need to think like a spy to find the clues and solve this game!
— Meloney E.