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The Paris Heist

Capacity: 2-12 players
Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 35%

This room has great props and is complex!

Kim Kardashian (as we are calling her) a famous actress stays in Paris in a fancy hotel much of the year. Hotel staff have noticed she often leaves without her 4 million dollar wedding ring when she goes out. Now you and your co-workers have planned a robbery the next time she leaves without it! You thought you had it all planned out, but didn't know she had a new security system setup on her dressing room. Now you have 60 minutes not only to find her ring, but get out!

I have played all 3 escape rooms at Escapades here in Sioux Falls, but this one is my favorite!
— Andy B.

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Pirate Shipwreck

Capacity: 2-14 players
Hanidcapp Accessible
Escape rate: 15%

This room will be the most high tech in Sioux Falls!

Ahoy mateys, it’s a pirates life for me!  Yo ho and a bottle of….well, so there’s no actual rum to be found, but there will be treasures galore at the newest escape room at Escapades. From the life-sized pirate ship to the actual sandy beaches and all the features in between, you’re not going to want to miss this crazy escape room.

I can’t wait to try this room!
— Clair H.

RaPunzel's Cottage

Capacity: 2-8 players
Not Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 40%

This room is a bit easier than The Library, so great for beginners but still very challenging!
Her family stopped speaking to her when she had her named changed to RaPunzel... They just couldn't handle her sense of humor she says. Now she has up and moved to Europe and left most of her possessions behind. If you can show her that you appreciate her sense of humor maybe you will find her most valued posession.

This was one of the most clever escape rooms I have played! It was very entertaining.
— Nicole V.

The Forgotten Library

Capacity: 2-6 players
Not handicap accessible
Escape rate: 25%

This room is witty and will stump even the best escapees!

He was always a bit of a recluse, but no one has heard from "the writer" in several months. He came into town for groceries every monday. Now you have been asked to go up to his place and check on him. Be warned though, everyone always took him as a bit of an eccentric.

This room offered several WOW moments...We had a great time!
— Ben G.