Regular adult ADMISSION: $30 PER PERSON
Children Ages 7-12: $20 per child

Group Rates available for 12+ people. Please call for more information 605-777-9401



Capacity: 2-12 players
NOT Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 10-15%

This room will satisfy the players looking for a real adrenaline rush! Your team will start divided between 2 jail cells. We recommend a minimum of 4 players however you could play it with only 2 if you dare!

You were traveling through an unfamiliar small town late at night and were pulled over by the local sheriff. For reasons unknown you are all arrested and taken back to the town jail and locked up! As you look around it becomes apparent you will never be leaving this place unless you are able to escape. He announces he will be back in one hour and you hear his car pull away. Now you have 60 minutes to escape or face the end! This room is full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and is a real suspense thriller!

This Room is very difficult and not recommended for kids. If there are children under 13 that are playing with adults that should be fine. However booking this room for a group of kids is not recommended due to the difficulty level!

This room was the best I have played in Sioux Falls! I didn’t escape but , oh man, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
— Casey N.

Regular kids ADMISSION: $20 PER child everyday!

Kids camping Escape Room Sioux Falls SD.JPG

Opening July 2018!
Camped Out!

Capacity: 2-12 players
Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 45-50%

This room is perfect for beginners or families with kids!

Your family is going on a camping trip. But when you arrive at the campsite the cabin is locked and night is falling. As you look around it becomes obvious that the campground hosts must have forgotten your reservation. After several attempts to call the campground manager you decide to just head home. However your car won't start and now the battery on your cell phone has died. You are now going to have to spend the night. You have exactly one hour before dark to somehow get into the cabin and get the camp setup. Time is ticking so don't wait or you will be left out in the dark!

This room will create memories for you and your family especially the kiddos! This room was designed to include even the youngest players, and it also great for first time players no matter your age! If your group is mostly adults we recommend 8 person capacity.

Be the first to play and provide feedback!
— Escapades Staff

Pirate Shipwreck

Capacity: 2-16 players
Handicap Accessible
Children under 3 are not permitted in this room
Escape rate: 15-18%

This room is the most high tech room in Sioux Falls!

Ahoy mateys, it’s a pirates life for me!  Yo ho and a bottle of….well, so there’s no actual rum to be found, but there will be treasures galore in this fun filled room. From the life-sized pirate ship to the actual sandy beaches and all the features in between, you’re not going to want to miss this crazy escape room.

My family was impressed by the complex gadgets in this room! And the staff is next to none.
— John H.

The Paris Heist

Capacity: 2-12 players
Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 38-40%

This room has great props and is complex!

Kim Kardashian stays in Paris in a fancy hotel penthouse much of the year. Hotel staff have noticed she often leaves without her 4 million dollar wedding ring when she goes out. Now you and your co-workers have planned a robbery the next time she leaves without it! You thought you had it all planned out, but didn't know she had a new security system setup on her dressing room. Now you have 60 minutes not only to find her ring, but get out before the police arrive!

I have played all 3 escape rooms at Escapades here in Sioux Falls, but this one is my favorite!
— Andy B.

RaPunzel's Cottage

Capacity: 2-8 players
Not Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 38-40%

This room is one of our favorites due to the clever puns you will use to navigate the room! Her family stopped speaking to her when she had her named changed to RaPunzel... They just couldn't handle her sense of humor she says. Now she has up and moved to Europe and left most of her possessions behind. If you can show her that you appreciate her sense of humor maybe you will find her most valued posession.

This was one of the most clever escape rooms I have played! It was very entertaining.
— Nicole V.

The Forgotten Library

Capacity: 2-6 players
Not handicap accessible
Escape rate: 20-25%

This room is witty and will stump even the best escapees! It has some of our favorite puzzles!

Mr. Miller was always a bit of a recluse, but no one has heard from "The Writer" in several months. He generally came into town for groceries every Monday. Now you have been asked to go up to his place and check on him. But, be warned, everyone always took him as a bit of an eccentric and his paranoia may have gotten the best of him! Trapped in his library you must figure out how to escape or be gassed!

This room offered several WOW moments...We had a great time!
— Ben G.
Shanghai Espionage escape room.png

Espionage - Escape Game

Escape Game (Not an escape room)
Groups must book 3 tickets minimum
Ticket prices: $20 each
NOT Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 10-15%

Your team will be seated around our board room table to play this game. No it doesn't actually have a full room of it's own. It is an escape game not a room, but one of the most intense escapes we have! Jam packed with difficult puzzles this game is recommended for those who want an extreme challenge!

The Story Line: You are part of a covert team working for the CIA. For 2 years your team has been tracking a terrorist group working out of Shanghai. The threat of an attack in this city is imminent. It is discovered that one of your team members has been acting as a double agent and has disappeared. Now you have been dispatched to Shanghai to find the spy, uncover the attack plans and stop it before time runs out. You must have a keen eye for details, and really play a detective to succeed at this game. 

The puzzle are very complex so this game is not really suited for children!

this game is available for on-site bookings. This means we can bring the game to your business, school or function! Minimum rate of $200 applies.
call for more information (605) 777-9401

You really do need to think like a spy to find the clues and solve this game!
— Meloney E.