Shanghai Espionage escape room.png

Espionage - Escape Game

Escape Game (Not an escape room)
Groups must book 3 tickets minimum
Ticket prices: $20 each
NOT Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 10-15%

Your team will be seated around our board room table to play this game. No it doesn't actually have a full room of it's own. It is an escape game not a room, but one of the most intense escapes we have! Jam packed with difficult puzzles this game is recommended for those who want an extreme challenge!

The Story Line: You are part of a covert team working for the CIA. For 2 years your team has been tracking a terrorist group working out of Shanghai. The threat of an attack in this city is imminent. It is discovered that one of your team members has been acting as a double agent and has disappeared. Now you have been dispatched to Shanghai to find the spy, uncover the attack plans and stop it before time runs out. You must have a keen eye for details, and really play a detective to succeed at this game. 

The puzzle are very complex so this game is not really suited for children!

this game is available for on-site bookings. This means we can bring the game to your business, school or function! Minimum rate of $200 applies.
call for more information (605) 777-9401

You really do need to think like a spy to find the clues and solve this game!
— Meloney E.