Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Monday - Thursday    8:00am - 10:00pm
Friday - Saturday       8:00am - 10:00pm
Sundays                    11:30am - 10:00pm
*Custom times may be requested beyond our regular scheduled hours and will be based on availability and staffing. Please call for more information (605) 777-9401.


Waivers for adults and Minors?

All participants will sign an electronic waiver upon arriving to play the escape game! Any person under the age of 18 must have a parent, guardian, or adult sign the waiver for them. If a group of kids are brought to play the adult bringing them will sign if a parent is unavailable.


What is an escape Room?

Any escape game is a room, or series of rooms, filled with various types of puzzles that usually tell some form of a story. Most give you 60 minutes to attempt to finish the room, often with the final goal being to get out of the room, but not always.


how can i book the entire room and not play with strangers?

Here at Escapades Escape Rooms our goal is for you to have the best possible experience! We will offer you a room to jsut your group with a minimum purchase of 4 tickets any day of the week except for Saturday!  Just give us a call and we will help you! On a Saturday, to book the entire room to yourself you must purchase 75% of the tickets available and then contact us and we will be happy to close out the rest of the tickets for your booking time (605) 777-9401. 

Please call for availability or you can BOOK HERE!


who plays escape games?

Everyone and anyone!


Is there an age limit?

Our games are designed with a certain difficulty level focused on adult IQ. However, players ages 8 and up are welcome, and if the group has children under the age of 14 and at least one adult is required to play to offer them assistance. If there is a group of all children we can modify our rooms to make them suitable for kids ages 7-12. In addition we offer children tickets for just $20 to join in ANY of our rooms!


DO KIDS have fun?

Yes! We have had children as young as 7 play with their families and are able to contribute in finding clues and solving puzzles! Often they have the most fun! Children under the age of 5 may not be permitted in certain rooms. So please call for more information. (605) 777-9401


How many rooms do you have?

We have 7 rooms in total and a couple of Escape Games. Join our mailing list or like the Escapades Facebook page to keep up to date on new room themes and their arrival dates!


what is the difference between an escape room and escape game?

Our escape rooms are designed each in their own space complete with decor etc. An Escape game is like a very elaborate board game. While it does not have it's own room, you can book and play this game at our location in our board room at our conference table. Escape Games can also be rented to be brought on-site to your company, school or event!


Will i be playing with other participants?

Unless you book the entire room, you may be paired with other players. However you can call and if you have booked at least 75% of the possible spots in your session, we are happy to block out the remainder of the spaces for just your group.


Can i play each room more than once?

In general it would not be as much fun to replay a room, we would recommend trying one of our other rooms. However our tougher rooms you may find that you have lots left to do when time runs out if you do not have much experience, and might want to re-book for another time. Should the need arise for you to replay a room with friends or family that is fine, but the group will be ineligible for the leader board.


Can i purchase gift certificates?

We have gift certificates available in any quantity you would like! You can purchase a gift voucher online and will receive the gift certificate in your email and can print it out. Or you may stop into our store and purchase the certificates. We have nicer cards and envelopes if you intend to give it as a gift! If you purchase online you can still stop and pickup the card and envelope if you like. We are located on the NW Corner of 41st & Western Ave in Sioux Falls. You can purchase a GIFT VOUCHER HERE!



Yes, we have a small party/conference room available for rent that will seat roughly 12-14 people. You can host a party before or after your escape experience. We charge $50/hour for the space rental. Please call for availability (605) 777-9401.


can we bring food and drinks?

Yes and No. 1 hour flies by when you are playing the escape rooms. You really have little time to do anything other than solve puzzles. Food is permitted in the party room but not in the actual escape rooms. You can however, bring in drinks to the rooms. This can be soda, beer, etc. Escapades does not sell alcoholic or any beverages. Also, we have found that there is really not time to enjoy your beverages because time flies, so we encourage you to engage in those beverages afterwards! NO GLASS BOTTLES OR CONTAINERS WILL BE PERMITTED.

What if my party shows up intoxicated?

Drunkenness: In the event that anyone in your party participating in the escape room is found to be under the influence of alcohol and is acting in a dangerous or disorderly fashion, inappropriate, belligerent, or disrespectful in any way, it is the right of the Escapades staff to discontinue the room operation and ask the person(s) or your entire group to leave. Any such action will not entitle anyone to any sort of refund, rain check or reimbursement of any kind.

Do i need to book my adventure in advance?

Yes, you are not able to reserve a time slot without going through the booking process, and payment is due at the the time of booking. If you want to book sooner than 3 hours from now, you cannot book online, instead you must call (605) 777-9401.


How do i Pay?

All payments are made online with credit card or debit card. If you do not have that form of payment available to you, you can stop into our office during regular business hours M-F 8am-4:30pm, and our staff can book your room on the spot for any open times and can accept cash for payment.


Do you offer a refund if we cannot make our time reserved?

Unfortunately all bookings are final, and there are no refunds. If you know at least 24-48 hours in advance that you cannot make it and let us know at that time, we can reschedule you for another open time. However this option is for rescheduling only and no refunds will be given.


What if i arrive late for my start time?

Because the rooms are booked on a set schedule, anyone arriving more than 10 minutes past the scheduled start time, may find that their times has already begun. If your arrive is more than 20 minutes late you may not be allowed to start and there will be no refund available.


Am i really locked in a room?

Yes and no. Each room while locked is closely monitored and if there are any issues you will be let out. Also, each room has an emergency exit plan that you will be instructed on when you arrive to play the room. At any time, you can leave the room if you decide to do so.


Where are the escape games located?

We are located in Sioux Falls on the NW corner of 41st & Western Ave. There is a small brown brick from on our building. Our customers may park anywhere in the parking lot.


Is the trailer small and will i feel cramped?

No. Two of rooms are in a 53' long drop deck semi trailer. We have built out the rooms the same as an office space with regular height ceilings. The trailer has been finished like a house inside complete with heating and cooling. If you were blind folded and brought into the Escapades trailer you would not know you were in a trailer at all!


Are there restrooms in the trailer?

No we do not have restrooms in the trailer. We encourage participants to use the restroom before they arrive. However our customers will have access to restroom facilities located inside the office building at any time.


How long is the game?

Escapades escape games are designed to provide brain squeezing fun for 1 hour. The actual time spent largely depends on the participants and their wits! There is also 3-4 minutes spent before each game starts to explain a few pointers etc., get waivers signed and go over rules. Then participants will watch a small video at the start of their game to reveal the story of the room. After each game also plan to spend a few minutes getting debriefed on any puzzles you may have missed, and having your questions answered, taking a group photo!


What about large parties or corporate events?

We can rent half and full days where you will have access to both rooms for an extended period of time. This allows companies to bring many teams to the escape rooms. In addition you can rent meeting space inside the office for catering, etc.


How much are half or full day rentals?

This will depend if you are coming to our location or you would like us to come to you! You can request more information and get pricing here: extended booking


Why should i play the escapades escape rooms?

Our design team consists of an escape room enthusiast who has played games all over the country and brings that experience to our game designs. We also have an electro-mechanical engineer on our team who will design and build robotics, touch screens and other elements in our future games that will create a WOW factor not found in other escape room designs in our area!