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Located at 3313 S Western Ave. (NW corner of 41st & Western)!

Escapades takes Sioux Falls Escape Rooms to the next level! All our rooms are 100% original with a focus on constructing puzzles to facilitate team building and get your mind going!

Adult Rate $30 * Child Rate $22
**Please note: if you are purchasing only kids tickets there is a 3 ticket minimum requirement**

60-to-Life * 10-15% Escape rate

Traveling through a small country town late at night you are pulled over by the local sheriff. You have no idea why, but your entire group has been arrested. He takes you back to the small town jail but instead of locking you up in the regular cells, you are led to the basement and locked up there. As you look around you realize this may be your final trip if you do not escape!

camped out * 50% escape rate

This room will is perfect for first timers or families with kids!  Your family arrives at the campground to find the cabin is locked and night is coming. You decide to just go back home but your car battery has died. Players have 60 minutes to get into the cabin and setup the camp before dark falls!

Ahoy mateys, it’s a pirates life for me!  Climb aboard this real life pirate ship if you dare! Pirates Shipwreck contains high tech props and lifelike decor making this room an actual adventure! From digging through a real sandy beach to pillaging the ship players try to escape wtih Blackbeards treasure!

Have you ever wanted to just take something? Now you can participate in the famous Kim K. ring heist in dressing room in Paris! You and several hotel co-workers plan a robbery, but beware you only have 60 minutes to find her ring and get out before the alarms are activated and police are called.

forgotten Library * 20-25% escape rate

He was always a bit of a recluse, but no one has heard from "the writer" in several months. He always came into town for groceries fairly regularly too. Now you have been asked to go up to his place and check on him. Be warned though, everyone always took him as a bit of an eccentric.

RaPUNzel's Cottage 35-40% escape rate

Her family stopped speaking to her when she had her named changed to RaPunzel... They just couldn't handle her sense of humor she says. Now she is dying with no one to leave her possessions to, if you can show her that you appreciate her sense of humor maybe she will feel generous.....

Friends & Family


Escape Rooms are great fun for family get-togethers, meeting your future in-laws, birthday parties, reveal parties, and more. Party and meeting spaces are also available.


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties have taken on new meaning in recent years. Couples looking for a fun way to start out the evening and help everyone in their wedding party get to know each other in a fun intimate setting should book our escape room today! Group & full day rates are available. Party and meeting spaces are also available. For more information on booking contact us here:


Team Building is essential for company growth and job satisfaction. This 60 minute escape room experience will have your team talking, working together, laughing and escaping the ordinary! Book your company parties and more. Group & full day rates are available. Party and meeting spaces are also available. To check on availability for Corporate booking please fill out this form:

Game Enthusiasts

Our patrons book time after time with each new room theme opening. Escapades delivers the best escape rooms around and always has a new room in the works.


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