Escapades is on the 10 best places for Kid's Birthday Parties in SD!

Kids Birthday Parties in SD

Yay!  Escapades Escape Rooms made the list of the top 10 places in the great state of South Dakota to have a child's Birthday Party!

Best things in SD website recently posted their list of birthday party favorites. Among those listed with Escapades in Sioux Falls were SkyZone, Galaxy Gaming and the Butterfly House.

Here is a link to the article!

We would love to host your kiddos to make a birthday they will keep talking about for months to come!

Kids Birthday Party Packages

Kids Birthday Parties Sioux Falls SD

Escapades Escape Rooms is excited to announce and officially open bookings for our birthday party packages! As parents ourselves, we understand the difficulty in finding unique, fun and affordable options for children's parties around the Sioux Falls area.

Our birthday party packages range from smaller groups of 6 to larger groups of 12! You can choose to just play the escape room, or host a 1 hour pizza, cake and ice cream feast in our meeting room.

Adults can book their birthday parties here too. We just simply adjust the pricing for adults and they can host a one of a kind birthday bash here at Escapades Escape Rooms too!

Just give us a call to discuss the availability and book your party today. A full list of our birthday packages can be found on our website

Happy Birthday Everyone!

Espionage On-Site Escape Games Now Available!

Espionage Escape Game Sioux Falls SD

Escapades now has a way to bring the fun of Escape Games to your company party, business meeting, school or get-together! Our on-site escape games deliver the same high quality experience as our escape rooms!

Espionage is a CIA Spy game based out of Shanghai, China. You and your team must locate a missing agent and stop an impending terrorist attack! As you work through a series of puzzles and locked boxes the story unravels revealing the end plot! If your fast enough and have a keen sense for details your team may prevail!

On-site games are $200 plus tax and you can have up to 12 players per game. With 3 identical copies of this game, we can host up to 36 players per hour making this the perfect reward for businesses with many different teams!

You can book by calling us at 605-777-9401!  The Escape rate is 8-10%!

What is an Immersion Puzzle?

Immersion puzzle escape room sioux falls sd

An Immersion puzzle must contain several elements to really fit the description. First of all it takes the form of some sort of environment that players interact from within! Players really inhabit the space whether just a single room or a full building. This is really the essence of what an escape room is!

In order to really be completely immersed players must be able to move freely around the space. In fact, having more than one room or area is integral to creating the best experience.

Finally it must be or contain a puzzle! A maze is not an immersion puzzle unless there is an element where clues are provided and the end result must entail solving something!

Escapades Escape Rooms continues to strive to provide the ultimate Immersive experience allowing our players to get lost in their escape game!

New Room Coming Soon!

 This room should be called _______________?

This room should be called _______________?

We are working on our 5th Escape Room here at Escapades Escape Rooms in Sioux Falls!

We will be opening this room in late March or early April 2018. We need your help to name our room. If you submit a name and we select your name, you will get to bring a group of friends to play our new room for FREE!  In fact, you will be the first group to ever get to play it!

Here is some more information about the new room that needs a name. You are traveling through a small town and a local Sheriff pulls you over and arrests your entire group. He takes you back to the local station and locks you up in separate cells and leaves. as you look around it becomes clear you are never going to leave that small town. Now you have one hour to escape before he returns to finish what he started.

Please email your ideas to We will choose a name by 1/25/18.

Call now to book our other rooms (605) 777-9401

Escapades is leading the charge with Sioux Falls Escape Rooms!

On Site Escape Room.jpg

2 on-site Escape Room themes coming soon to an office near you: Espionage & Nuclear Meltdown

Escapades has seen an increased demand from local corporate customers, and an increasing request for mobility.  Large companies are seeing the benefits of investing in team synergy!  Escape rooms foster a sense of teamwork, achievement and camaraderie.

Escapades Escape Rooms has innovated a way to bring our escape rooms to any corporate setting. We will offer 2 themes with 3 exact replicas of each. That means we can run up to 6 games at one time at any business location. Here is a little more infomation about these onsite escape experiences. 

 ·         Our onsite escape games offer the same high end puzzles as our in-house escape rooms.

·         These games can be setup in any office or room.

·         Since we’re the only local escape group that creates everything from scratch, the story line, puzzles and clues offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

·         Companies can order 30, 45 or 60 minute experiences

·         Booking will be offered at a flat hourly rate vs. per person rate which will help companies with larger groups.

 The on-site games will be available in Feb 2018!  Call for more information 605.777.9401.


10 Things about Life I have learned from Escape Rooms!

Escape room tips.jpg


Escape Rooms really are fun and challenging for any age! Here are a few things we have learned from playing escape rooms.

1. The world is bigger than you think

2. When you get boxed in, you want out

3. Look everywhere, carefully

4. Things are not always what they seem

5. Normal looking things can be special too

6. There are surprises waiting for you, if you look for them

7. Working together is best and makes you a winner

8. You should tell people when you discover cool stuff

9. There is a reward and sometimes it's just knowing you did it

10. aving fun is important too

Learn the Pirate Lingo!

Escape 605 Sioux Falls SD

We thought we should give our future Pirate Shipwreck adventurers a little education on the lingo.  Here’s a few words you might hear…

 Ahoy:  Hi, hello there
Avast ye:  Stop what yer doin, Listen up, pay attention
Booty:  Treasure
Concord:  Agreement
Give no quarter:  No mercy
Hearties:  Close friends and fellow sailors
Hornswaggle:  Rip off, cheat
Landlubber:  Unskilled person, rookie at sea
Matey:  Friendly
Pillaging:  Robbery
Scurvy dogs:  Contemptible, dastardly
Skallywag:  An insult for sure! A villain or troublemaker
Walk the Plank:  Walking a plank off the side of the ship…a punishment meant to turn you into shark bait

 Of course, if you hear these at the Pirate Shipwreck, it’s only in jest.  But we’d love to have ya come aboard and try it out, if you dare!