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Us vs. Them! Top 5 reasons you should choose Escapades Escape Rooms!

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Customers ask us all the time, "What is the difference between you guys and Escape 605?" We love this questions because there are lots of reasons. The biggest reason is this: Escapades creates everything right here in Sioux Falls, SD! We dream up the themes, develop the puzzles, build the props and completely develop the rooms from beginning to end! The other group simply purchases their themes and puzzles from a company out of state and then just assembles the rooms.

The fact that our ideas are 100% our and unique gives our rooms an edge over our competitor, and we hear it daily from our customers! There really is no comparison when it comes to the room designs.

#2 - Our staff rocks!  Our goal is to make sure that our customers have the best possible experience! And we have been blessed with a staff who truly does just that. You will leave feeling like you gained a friend during your visit to Escapades!

#3 - We can offer you a private room for your group every day of the week with just 4 tickets purchased, except for Saturdays and can offer you the full room for 75% of the room tickets purchased! We appreciate the fact that some people just do not like to play with strangers. So just call and book with us and ask for exclusivity and it is yours!  It is all about the customer experience at Escapades, and not about the almighty dollar!

#4 - We have lower ticket prices. Adult tickets are nearly $3.00 less per ticket at Escapades once all the taxes and fees are tallied! That is a $30 dollar savings for a group of 10!

#5 We offer 5 clues and a way to "earn" a 6th clue by completing a fun task! Unlike our competition who offers offers only 3 clues and then customers are asked to pay $5.00 for a 4th clue. :( It is no fun to sit unable to solve a puzzle to move on for the rest of your remaining time. Our clues offer customers the ability to control their own game and not just get "stuck" for good.

So if you have had a maybe not so savory experience playing elsewhere, we highly encourage you to come and play at Escapades and see how great an escape room experience can be!

Escapades Escape Rooms was featured on Keloland Living!

If you do not know what an escape room is, watching this interview will not only inform you about them, but get you super excited to come and play one! Owner, Kari Black, who is showcased in this interview has an extreme passion for concepting, developing, and bringing to life new escape rooms!

"We always have new ideas for rooms in the works," said Black. "In fact, sometimes we have a hard time deciding which room is coming next!" Each room at Escapades gets better than the last. Escapades continues to push the limits of the local escape experience. The newest room 60-To-Life has a full soundtrack, lighting affects and multiple surprise twists and turns!

You can check out Keloland Living and View the full Escapades Escape Room interview here!

Escape Room Fever

Escapades Escape Room Sioux Falls SD Argus Leader

Escapades is excited to announce that we are officially taking bookings for the Pirate Shipwreck starting June 20th! After months of planning, construction and puzzling we will begin testing the room this weekend!  

With the growing demand in escape rooms we are excited to be a part of this popular new pastime. "Once the Shipwreck is sailing we will begin on the jail room!" said Kari Black. "Dreaming up the concepts and then seeing them come to life is super fun."

Escapades was recently featured in a business article by the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls along with the other worthy opponents! "It is fun to see how much support there is in our community and how many repeat customers we get," said Black. "We just hope the trend continues for years to come, because we intend to keep bringing the thunder!"

Check out the Argus Leader article here:

Keep on Escaping Sioux Falls!