Ford company enters escape room arena.

Ford Escape game

The auto manufacturer Ford has launched the world's largest escape room experience with a driveable game. Why? Why not! One of their vehicles is named Ford Escape, so the Ford Motor Company saw a Segway into the the escape game industry. They are now cashing in by joining the growing interest in escape rooms across the country.

Ford's leaders were blown away when they sold out in less than 24-hours to more than 1,000 eager escape game enthusiasts. This unique escape room launched in Midtown Manattan just this week, June 23-26th at Moynihan Station; a 35,000 sq ft venue. Their aim? To connect with the infamous millennial buyers who are willing to pay more for an "experience." This brilliant move by Ford gets these prospective buyers behind the wheel essentially test driving the Ford Escape while they play the game. Each customer is able to egage with the Ford brand on a whole new level.

This is the first every driveable game and has set the tone for future escape adventures. Ford has integrated several in-vehicle features that have heightened the escape experience. Some of those include: voice to text, enhanced park assistance, collision warning, seven color ambient lighting, hands free and foot activated liftgate.

We are excited to see the elevation in technology in the escape room industry, and cannot wait to include more automation and technology in our rooms at Escapades.

To read more about Ford's escape room experience follow this link.