Escape from Claustrophobia

Escape rooms claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is described as an abnormal, extreme or irrational fear of being in narrow or confined places.  It comes from the word “claustrum” which means closed in and the word “phobia” which means fear.  People that describe themselves as claustrophobic have been known to have symptoms that vary from sweating and accelerated heart rate to nausea, numbness and even fainting.  Claustrophobia has been said to be genetically linked to an old survival instinct that is actually no longer applicable.

Those that have experienced claustrophobia in the past though, wouldn’t always agree with the description of it being “irrational.”  It makes sense that when you get into an elevator that there could potentially be a break-down and you will be stuck with the 11-15 sweaty, smelly strangers for who knows how long!  So that’s not an irrational fear, after all it COULD happen, right?!

On the other hand, having an overwhelming sense of dread for what could potentially happen not only steals your peace, but can become crippling.  And if that fear prevents you from taking an elevator to meet with a client on the 14th floor (which you can’t physically handle climbing the stairs to), it is simply interfering with your life.  If you have experienced claustrophobia to the extent that you have had life-threatening symptoms, you should see a doctor and discuss treatment options.

That being said, clients have come to our Escapades Escape Rooms that have described claustrophobic episodes in their lives and voiced their trepidation and potential inability to participate.  So what do you tell those people?

·         The Escapades Escape rooms are not “confined” places.  You are not actually “locked in” to any of the rooms and you can leave at any point in time.  Even for the rooms that do have locks to solve, there is always a staff member on hand interacting with the group as well as an “Escape Plan B” presented in case anyone becomes overwhelmed.

·         At Escapades Escape, you’re never “alone.”  Not only is our staff compassionate, but you’ll usually be with friends and family that know you and will be there for you as well. We will be cheering you all on and there’s no shame in not making it all the way through.

·         Escapades Escape rooms are a blast!  You will be so caught up having fun trying to find and solve clues, your past fears will likely be the last thing on your mind. You’ll be busy interacting with your team mates and racing against the clock.  And, you might escape from claustrophobia!  Past clients that said they were claustrophobic have actually said they not only enjoyed the game, but came out feeling better having faced their fear and succeeded in overcoming it.

So how about it?  Ready to engage in a little adventure?!  We’re here to answer any questions and help you have some extreme fun at Escapades Escape Rooms!

by: Trissa Van Roekel