Escapades is leading the charge with Sioux Falls Escape Rooms!

On Site Escape Room.jpg

2 on-site Escape Room themes coming soon to an office near you: Espionage & Nuclear Meltdown

Escapades has seen an increased demand from local corporate customers, and an increasing request for mobility.  Large companies are seeing the benefits of investing in team synergy!  Escape rooms foster a sense of teamwork, achievement and camaraderie.

Escapades Escape Rooms has innovated a way to bring our escape rooms to any corporate setting. We will offer 2 themes with 3 exact replicas of each. That means we can run up to 6 games at one time at any business location. Here is a little more infomation about these onsite escape experiences. 

 ·         Our onsite escape games offer the same high end puzzles as our in-house escape rooms.

·         These games can be setup in any office or room.

·         Since we’re the only local escape group that creates everything from scratch, the story line, puzzles and clues offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

·         Companies can order 30, 45 or 60 minute experiences

·         Booking will be offered at a flat hourly rate vs. per person rate which will help companies with larger groups.

 The on-site games will be available in Feb 2018!  Call for more information 605.777.9401.