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Give your BRAIN a WORKOUT!

Escapades Escape Room Sioux Falls SD

Did you know that just like your body, your brain needs regular exercise too?!  There seems to be a “use it or lose it” aspect to brain activity and development.  Studies have shown that things like puzzles and games that exercise your brain not only help you retain brain function, but theories on neuroplasticity say that these activities can even help you GAIN brain function. 

Does it matter if you’re a right or left brain person?  Guess what, everyone is both.  Check out this info-graphic from  This article includes a little word/color test to show you what the left and right brain control and how they work together.  Want to improve your skills?  Try out our Escapades Escape Rooms.  It will be one of the most enjoyable work-outs you could give your left AND right brain.

-Trissa Van Roekel

Pirate's Shipwreck Comping Soon!

Pirate Escape Room Sioux Falls SD

Ahoy mateys, it’s a pirates life for me!  Yo ho and a bottle of….well, so there’s no actual rum to be found, but there will be treasures galore at the newest room called Pirate's Shipwreck at Escapades Escape Rooms in Sioux Falls, SD. 

Entering Pirate's Shipwreck you’ll be able to step into another world (you might want to wear sandals actually) and another time to discover our biggest adventure yet.

From the life-sized pirate ship to the sandy beaches and all the features in between, you’re not going to want to miss this crazy escape room. It will truly be the finest escape room in Sioux Falls!

So mark your calendars for the anticipated opening date of June 3rd, and get ready to set sail on an adverture you will not soon forget!

Escape 605 will have a run for their money!

While Escape 605 has dominated the Sioux Falls escape game market, other escape companies are stepping up advertising efforts. Escapades has been open since July and is already making big changes. Other companies such as Sherlock & Co. are also starting to gain some traction.

Escapades is set to open their third room in Mid January 2017. After recently coming under new ownership and relocating, Escapades has now opted for a more permanent setup! Now located at 3313 S Western Ave in Sioux Falls, Escapades is expanding to include 2-3 more escape rooms. One of the big reasons for adding more rooms is to accomodate the request for bigger rooms that can hold more people!

The next room set to open is called "The Paris Heist." The theme is centered around the ring robbery of Kim Kardashian. While there is no hold up involved, the participants will be committing a robbery! Several special electronic elements are going to make this escape room unique in the Sioux Falls market.

The Paris Heist - Escapades Escape Rooms

The Paris Heist - Escapades Escape Rooms

The new location provides several spaces and options for hosting parties! This sets Escapades apart from the local competition. Having party space available allows for corporate parties, holiday parties, birthday parties and more! The first group to take advantage of the meeting space while taking turns playing the escape game was a group of employees from Sanford Hospital!

Party space can accommodate up to 50 people. For more information contact Escapades at 605-321-1130 or visit our website at


On themes

I'd like to take a few minutes today to discuss the topic of themes as it concerns to escape games. Some of my best experiences in escape rooms have been due to well themed and constructed sets. A good theme can really take a room from good to great.

Our first two themes are Library and Puns. We chose these by polling about 20 people that were interested when we started floating the idea around of starting Escapades. I would like to continue picking themes with a similar manner in the future, so that we can deliver what the customers want. We will launch a method for voting for the next theme, shortly after we open on the 8th.

I would recommend you play The Forgotten Library first, because it is really our "first" escape room. The Library here is a personal library, not a public one. I've tried to incorporate a decent number of library related puzzles into the room, while trying to avoid anything too bookish. I have realized not everyone likes reading as much as I do, and we want to appeal to a broad range of people. The intro story is that no one has heard from a reclusive older man in a while and you have been asked to go out to his house and check on him.

The second room is RaPunzel's cottage; this is the pun themed room referred to earlier. While we are incorporating some really great punzzles into this room, we have tried very hard to make sure that you won't be punished too severely if you are not as punny as me. The intro here is that RaPunzel was too indepundent for her family, and does not feel that she is long for this world. If you can show her that you appreciate her sense of humor she may just put you in her will. 


Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon.

 - Adam S.