Regular adult ADMISSION: $30 PER PERSON
Children Ages 7-13: $22 per child

Group Rates available for 12+ people. Please call for more information 605-777-9401



Capacity: 2-12 players
NOT Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 10-15%
minimum Tickets Required: 3 kids, or any combination of adults and kids

This room will satisfy the players looking for a real adrenaline rush! Your team will start divided between 2 jail cells. We recommend a minimum of 4 players however you could play it with only 2 if you dare!

You were traveling through an unfamiliar small town late at night and were pulled over by the local sheriff. For reasons unknown you are all arrested and taken back to the town jail and locked up! As you look around it becomes apparent you will never be leaving this place unless you are able to escape. He announces he will be back in one hour and you hear his car pull away. Now you have 60 minutes to escape or face the end! This room is full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat and is a real suspense thriller!

This Room is very difficult and not recommended for kids. If there are children under 13 that are playing with adults that should be fine. However booking this room for a group of kids is not recommended due to the difficulty level!

This room was the best I have played in Sioux Falls! I didn’t escape but , oh man, can’t wait to see what you come up with next!
— Casey N.