Regular kids ADMISSION: $22+tax PER child everyday!

Kids camping Escape Room Sioux Falls SD.JPG

Camped Out!

Capacity: 2-12 players
Handicap Accessible
Escape rate: 45-50%

This room is perfect for beginners or families with kids!

Your family is going on a camping trip. But when you arrive at the campsite the cabin is locked and night is falling. As you look around it becomes obvious that the campground hosts must have forgotten your reservation. After several attempts to call the campground manager you decide to just head home. However your car won't start and now the battery on your cell phone has died. You are now going to have to spend the night. You have exactly one hour before dark to somehow get into the cabin and get the camp setup. Time is ticking so don't wait or you will be left out in the dark!

This room will create memories for you and your family especially the kiddos! This room was designed to include even the youngest players, and it also great for first time players no matter your age! If your group is mostly adults we recommend 8 person capacity.

This was one of the best rooms we have ever played! Well Done!
— Ben S.