Do Escape Rooms help increase your IQ?

IQ and escpae rooms

In a book by James Flynn, PhD, of the University of Otago in New Zealand called “Are We Getting Smarter?” he says that I.Q.’s in the area of problem solving have increased 2-4 points per decade since 1900.  He credits advancements in education and family nurturing.

How can you actually increase your I.Q.?  According to “wikiHow to Increase your IQ,” there are three factors that can increase your I.Q.  They are…  1.  Changing your routine; 2. Practicing Your Skills and 3. Changing your diet.  You should check out for more details.

Under “Practicing your Skills,” the page recommends doing problem solving games and new experiences to increase your IQ.   Good news!  You can cover both of those at our Escapades Escape Rooms.  Book Now Braniac!

- Trissa Van Roekel