Learn the Pirate Lingo!

Escape 605 Sioux Falls SD

We thought we should give our future Pirate Shipwreck adventurers a little education on the lingo.  Here’s a few words you might hear…

 Ahoy:  Hi, hello there
Avast ye:  Stop what yer doin, Listen up, pay attention
Booty:  Treasure
Concord:  Agreement
Give no quarter:  No mercy
Hearties:  Close friends and fellow sailors
Hornswaggle:  Rip off, cheat
Landlubber:  Unskilled person, rookie at sea
Matey:  Friendly
Pillaging:  Robbery
Scurvy dogs:  Contemptible, dastardly
Skallywag:  An insult for sure! A villain or troublemaker
Walk the Plank:  Walking a plank off the side of the ship…a punishment meant to turn you into shark bait

 Of course, if you hear these at the Pirate Shipwreck, it’s only in jest.  But we’d love to have ya come aboard and try it out, if you dare!