Escapades is leading the charge with Sioux Falls Escape Rooms!

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2 on-site Escape Room themes coming soon to an office near you: Espionage & Nuclear Meltdown

Escapades has seen an increased demand from local corporate customers, and an increasing request for mobility.  Large companies are seeing the benefits of investing in team synergy!  Escape rooms foster a sense of teamwork, achievement and camaraderie.

Escapades Escape Rooms has innovated a way to bring our escape rooms to any corporate setting. We will offer 2 themes with 3 exact replicas of each. That means we can run up to 6 games at one time at any business location. Here is a little more infomation about these onsite escape experiences. 

 ·         Our onsite escape games offer the same high end puzzles as our in-house escape rooms.

·         These games can be setup in any office or room.

·         Since we’re the only local escape group that creates everything from scratch, the story line, puzzles and clues offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

·         Companies can order 30, 45 or 60 minute experiences

·         Booking will be offered at a flat hourly rate vs. per person rate which will help companies with larger groups.

 The on-site games will be available in Feb 2018!  Call for more information 605.777.9401.


10 Things about Life I have learned from Escape Rooms!

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Escape Rooms really are fun and challenging for any age! Here are a few things we have learned from playing escape rooms.

1. The world is bigger than you think

2. When you get boxed in, you want out

3. Look everywhere, carefully

4. Things are not always what they seem

5. Normal looking things can be special too

6. There are surprises waiting for you, if you look for them

7. Working together is best and makes you a winner

8. You should tell people when you discover cool stuff

9. There is a reward and sometimes it's just knowing you did it

10. aving fun is important too

Learn the Pirate Lingo!

Escape 605 Sioux Falls SD

We thought we should give our future Pirate Shipwreck adventurers a little education on the lingo.  Here’s a few words you might hear…

 Ahoy:  Hi, hello there
Avast ye:  Stop what yer doin, Listen up, pay attention
Booty:  Treasure
Concord:  Agreement
Give no quarter:  No mercy
Hearties:  Close friends and fellow sailors
Hornswaggle:  Rip off, cheat
Landlubber:  Unskilled person, rookie at sea
Matey:  Friendly
Pillaging:  Robbery
Scurvy dogs:  Contemptible, dastardly
Skallywag:  An insult for sure! A villain or troublemaker
Walk the Plank:  Walking a plank off the side of the ship…a punishment meant to turn you into shark bait

 Of course, if you hear these at the Pirate Shipwreck, it’s only in jest.  But we’d love to have ya come aboard and try it out, if you dare!

Do Escape Rooms help increase your IQ?

IQ and escpae rooms

In a book by James Flynn, PhD, of the University of Otago in New Zealand called “Are We Getting Smarter?” he says that I.Q.’s in the area of problem solving have increased 2-4 points per decade since 1900.  He credits advancements in education and family nurturing.

How can you actually increase your I.Q.?  According to “wikiHow to Increase your IQ,” there are three factors that can increase your I.Q.  They are…  1.  Changing your routine; 2. Practicing Your Skills and 3. Changing your diet.  You should check out for more details.

Under “Practicing your Skills,” the page recommends doing problem solving games and new experiences to increase your IQ.   Good news!  You can cover both of those at our Escapades Escape Rooms.  Book Now Braniac!

- Trissa Van Roekel

Escape Room Fever

Escapades Escape Room Sioux Falls SD Argus Leader

Escapades is excited to announce that we are officially taking bookings for the Pirate Shipwreck starting June 20th! After months of planning, construction and puzzling we will begin testing the room this weekend!  

With the growing demand in escape rooms we are excited to be a part of this popular new pastime. "Once the Shipwreck is sailing we will begin on the jail room!" said Kari Black. "Dreaming up the concepts and then seeing them come to life is super fun."

Escapades was recently featured in a business article by the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls along with the other worthy opponents! "It is fun to see how much support there is in our community and how many repeat customers we get," said Black. "We just hope the trend continues for years to come, because we intend to keep bringing the thunder!"

Check out the Argus Leader article here:

Keep on Escaping Sioux Falls!

Escapades is making News

Escapades will open the newest escape room in Sioux Falls, Pirate Shipwreck, in just a few short weeks! Excitement is growing for this new pastime in the area which is prompting even more rooms to be added. Once the Shipwreck is opened, Escapades will begin on yet another jail themed room!

The Sioux falls Argus Leader has highlighted Escapades in a recent article!

Customers can book online and escape the ordinary!

Escapades is adding new rooms!

Escapades Sioux Falls SD Escape Rooms

Recently featured on with Jodi Schwan, Escapades is excited about the new escape rooms they are soon offering! 

Pirate Shipwreck is the next room opening the soonest scheduled for June 2017. Once up and going Escapades owners Doug & Kari Black will begin working on the 5th room featuring a jail theme. "Each room we create has new features, puzzles and excitement," said Kari Black. "We don't just purchase our rooms from someone else like some of our local competitors."

As Escapades rooms open customers will take note of the technology used in the rooms. It takes a lot of work and extra thought to bring the high tech props to life! "We couldn't be more excited to see the first few groups go in and see what we have created!" said Doug Black. "It is interesting how people find the clues and solve the puzzles. It is not always in the same way or order."

Keeping new exciting escape rooms coming to Sioux Falls is a fun challenge and Escapades is up to the task!

Give your BRAIN a WORKOUT!

Escapades Escape Room Sioux Falls SD

Did you know that just like your body, your brain needs regular exercise too?!  There seems to be a “use it or lose it” aspect to brain activity and development.  Studies have shown that things like puzzles and games that exercise your brain not only help you retain brain function, but theories on neuroplasticity say that these activities can even help you GAIN brain function. 

Does it matter if you’re a right or left brain person?  Guess what, everyone is both.  Check out this info-graphic from  This article includes a little word/color test to show you what the left and right brain control and how they work together.  Want to improve your skills?  Try out our Escapades Escape Rooms.  It will be one of the most enjoyable work-outs you could give your left AND right brain.

-Trissa Van Roekel

Pirate's Shipwreck Comping Soon!

Pirate Escape Room Sioux Falls SD

Ahoy mateys, it’s a pirates life for me!  Yo ho and a bottle of….well, so there’s no actual rum to be found, but there will be treasures galore at the newest room called Pirate's Shipwreck at Escapades Escape Rooms in Sioux Falls, SD. 

Entering Pirate's Shipwreck you’ll be able to step into another world (you might want to wear sandals actually) and another time to discover our biggest adventure yet.

From the life-sized pirate ship to the sandy beaches and all the features in between, you’re not going to want to miss this crazy escape room. It will truly be the finest escape room in Sioux Falls!

So mark your calendars for the anticipated opening date of June 3rd, and get ready to set sail on an adverture you will not soon forget!

Escape from Claustrophobia

Escape rooms claustrophobia

Claustrophobia is described as an abnormal, extreme or irrational fear of being in narrow or confined places.  It comes from the word “claustrum” which means closed in and the word “phobia” which means fear.  People that describe themselves as claustrophobic have been known to have symptoms that vary from sweating and accelerated heart rate to nausea, numbness and even fainting.  Claustrophobia has been said to be genetically linked to an old survival instinct that is actually no longer applicable.

Those that have experienced claustrophobia in the past though, wouldn’t always agree with the description of it being “irrational.”  It makes sense that when you get into an elevator that there could potentially be a break-down and you will be stuck with the 11-15 sweaty, smelly strangers for who knows how long!  So that’s not an irrational fear, after all it COULD happen, right?!

On the other hand, having an overwhelming sense of dread for what could potentially happen not only steals your peace, but can become crippling.  And if that fear prevents you from taking an elevator to meet with a client on the 14th floor (which you can’t physically handle climbing the stairs to), it is simply interfering with your life.  If you have experienced claustrophobia to the extent that you have had life-threatening symptoms, you should see a doctor and discuss treatment options.

That being said, clients have come to our Escapades Escape Rooms that have described claustrophobic episodes in their lives and voiced their trepidation and potential inability to participate.  So what do you tell those people?

·         The Escapades Escape rooms are not “confined” places.  You are not actually “locked in” to any of the rooms and you can leave at any point in time.  Even for the rooms that do have locks to solve, there is always a staff member on hand interacting with the group as well as an “Escape Plan B” presented in case anyone becomes overwhelmed.

·         At Escapades Escape, you’re never “alone.”  Not only is our staff compassionate, but you’ll usually be with friends and family that know you and will be there for you as well. We will be cheering you all on and there’s no shame in not making it all the way through.

·         Escapades Escape rooms are a blast!  You will be so caught up having fun trying to find and solve clues, your past fears will likely be the last thing on your mind. You’ll be busy interacting with your team mates and racing against the clock.  And, you might escape from claustrophobia!  Past clients that said they were claustrophobic have actually said they not only enjoyed the game, but came out feeling better having faced their fear and succeeded in overcoming it.

So how about it?  Ready to engage in a little adventure?!  We’re here to answer any questions and help you have some extreme fun at Escapades Escape Rooms!

by: Trissa Van Roekel